First (known) generation

William HUBBARD married Catherine

Second generation

John HUBBARD married Margaret Knowland 

Third  generation

Children of John HUBBARD and Margaret KNOWLAND =


Samuel HUBBARD1791 – 1832; married Sarah WADDINGTON 1795 – 1870

Fourth generation

Children of Samuel HUBBARD and Sarah WADDINGTON =

John Waddington HUBBARD
1823 - 1871 first child; married Emma EVANS  1828 – 1905

Sarah Ann Waddington HUBBARD 1825 - 1864 Second child, first daughter

Mary HUBBARD 1827 - 1830 Died in her third year. Third child, second daughter

Fifth generation

Children of John Waddington HUBBARD and Emma EVANS =

Arthur John HUBBARD
1856-1935 First child; married Charlotte Marion VIZARD 

George HUBBARD 1859 - 1936 Second child, second son; married Sarah Eleanor ROUQUETTE

Mary HUBBARD1860 - 1865  Died in her fifth year. Third child, first daughter

Frances HUBBARD 1862 - 1919 Fourth child, second daughter; married Wynard HOOPER

Emma HUBBARD1863 - 1891 Fifth child, third daughter; married
Henry Stirling WALKER

Sixth generation

1) Children of Arthur John HUBBARD and Charlotte Marion VIZARD =  
Mary Waddington HUBBARD
1889 - 1889 Died at birth, full term. First child, first daughter

John Waddington HUBBARD 1896 - 1988 Second child, first son; married Margaret Blanche SHEATH 1902 -1980)

George Edward HUBBARD 1897 - 1979 Third child, second son; married Mollie Edith BUCKETT

Frances Ann HUBBARD 1899 - 1985 Fourth child, second daughter; married Arthur Cecil ROPER

Arthur Benoni HUBBARD1902 - 1946 Fifth child, third son.

2) Child of George HUBBARD and Sarah Eleanor ROUQUET =

Philip Waddington de Brissac HUBBARD1893 - 1953 Only son; married Doris Louise ASTELL.


3) Child of Emma HUBBARD and Henry Stirling WALKER =

Agatha WALKER 1888 - 1980 Only daughter.


Seventh generation

Children of John Waddington HUBBARD and Margaret Blanche SHEATH =

Four sons, three living

David James HUBBARD 1940 - 1950 Third son

Children of George Edward HUBBARD and Mollie Edith BUCKETT

One daughter, two sons - living.

Children of Philip Waddington de Brissac HUBBARD and Doris Louise ASTELL

Moyra de Brissac HUBBARD  1920 - 2011  First child, only daughter; married James Meyrick NEILSON

George Waddington Eugene HUBBARD 1925 - 1979 Second child, only son; married Souzanne le MAITRE

Eigth generation

Nine descendants living

Ninth generation

Seventeen descendants living