Charlotte Marian Vizard.

Eleventh child of Edward Vizard and Ann Foley.

Born 28 October 1859 Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
(The family were only living there briefly.)

Died 28 March 1940 at Littledean, Gloucestershire.


Married Arthur John Hubbard 10 July 1888 at St Paul’s Church, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.


Children - Mary Waddington Hubbard - b+d 27 April 1889

John Waddington Hubbard - 15 January 1896 - 8 December 1988

George Edward Hubbard - 31 July 1897 - 3 March 1977

Frances Ann Hubbard - 6 December 1899 - 24 February 1985

Arthur Benoni Hubbard - 20 January 1902 - 8 February 1946


Frances Ann Roper (née Hubbard) writes - My parents were married in 1888. Mother was Asst. Matron at the Hemel Hempstead Convalescent Home where her eldest sister was Matron and my Father, Arthur John Hubbard. M.D. was the visiting consultant. They became engaged on Tuesday, 10th Jan. 1888, and Married on Tuesday 10th July 1888. Mother has told me that during the whole period of their married life, those two dates have never again coincided on Tuesdays. My Father was born on the 7th Nov. 1856 and died on 3rd. Feb. 1935. While he was proposing to Mother in the Dispensary at the Hospital he was exceedingly nervous and was fidgeting all the time with one of the drug jars. Later on Mother annexed this jar, and it is still in my possession, holding a collection of precious and semi-precious stones which she brought back with her from South Africa, from the Vaal River.


Paternal grandmother of JFH



Marriage of Charlotte Marion Vizard and Arthur John Hubbard

 Source : Bucks Herald, 14 July 1888, page 8.


Aunt Frances (Frances Ann Roper née Hubbard) writes about her mother in Victorian Hangover -