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Born "at 45 minutes past two o'clock in the afternoon." 16 January 1827, Free School lane, Parish of All Saints, Leicester.

Baptised 15 February 1827 and Christened 30 August 1827. Grandfather Hubbard Godfather; Grandmother Hubbard and Mrs Whitmore Senior Godmothers in All Saints Parish. (Double celebration as with her brother John W Hubbard and Sarah Ann W Hubbard.)

Died 12 August 1830 "About one o'clock after noon; was 3 years 6 months and 27 days old. And was buried at the parish church of Blaby on Sunday the 15th day of August 1830 next to her poor Uncle Waddington and family."


Third child, second daughter of Samuel HUBBARD and Sarah WADDINGTON