Born 1791

Second son of John HUBBARD and Margaret KNOWLAND

Samuel was​ ​ baptised on the same day​ ​as his brother John​​ ​– 31 May 1803.

The records are from St Mary de Castro in Leicester.
The family was living in Free School Lane, Leicester.

All other entries on the same page of the church record are of babies. John and Samuel are both young lads – John a day after his fifteenth birthday and Samuel eleven and a half. John was born in 1788 and Samuel 1791. As far as I know the family had always been Anglican and therefore would have normally had their children ‘christened’ at the earliest time possible. If their father had been "a soldier in India" then quite possibly they had been in a situation abroad where the boys hadn’t the chance of baptism before. [The Victorians were very good at sending out Anglican clergy to the furthest reaches of the Empire in the 1800s, but here we are looking at an earlier time.] Maybe there was no valid record of a former baptism and as the boys were at a critical stage of their education/setting out in life, they had a second baptismal ceremony to get a qualifying certificate and be recorded properly? (In Anglicanism, as in all main line denominations a person can only be baptised once.) The record doesn’t state any unusual circumstances except their ages.


Samuel and Sarah WADDINGTON 1795 - 1870 married 16 July 1822 at Christ Church York

 By 1828 Samuel (37yrs)  was listed in Pigot’s National Directory as a Maltster living at Free School Lane, Blaby, Leicester. A maltster would supply fine malts for the brewing of beer, ales and meads. In the 1800's it was hard to find clean drinking water, so the drinking of alcoholic beverages was safer as they were free of bacteria; not that it was fully understood quite how at that time. A maltster was not necessarily a brewer or pub owner as his was a specialism to supply to others.

Hubbard Gravestones at Blaby, Leicester

Died "about 4 o'clock in the afternoon" 26 October 1832 "Aged 41 years and 6 days And was buied in Blaby church yard in the same grave with his dear Child Mary Hubbard." (from notes in Waddington-Hubbard Family Bible.)


In the Leicester record office there is a copy of a legal document written up after Samuel's death showing Sarah his wife was the joint owner and proprietor with Charles and Charlotte Smith, (Charles was a victualler) and John Hubbard (supervisor of exise) of about twelve dwelling houses and properties. She had equal ownership on the death of Samuel. Obviously these named people worked in business together.



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