The Hubbard Family Tree

by Judith Frances Hubbard


Sheath – possibly an ancient Saxon name to do with the making of sheaths or scabbards.

Roper  - “our first known ancestor, one Musard, (probably of Norman descent) becomes Hasculphus. His grandson, William of Miserden, Gloucester County, assumed the title De Rubra Spatha, or Red Sheath, in the time of Henry III [1216-1272]. This was shortened into Rospeare and passed through the various stages of Rousper, Rooper, Ropere and Roper, to the last of which the family has held."  By Ella Roper, 1904.

Buckett – a well-known name from the Isle of Wight. Possibly a corruption of Beckett – or Bouquet. The IOW Bucketts were known for their smuggling trade across the English Channel, so could themselves have had French/Norman ancestry.

On 22nd August 1933, Frances Ann Hubbard married Arthur Cecil Roper at St Stephen's Church, Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

On 9th September 1933,  John Waddington Hubbard married Margaret Blanche Sheath, at St Paul's Church Canonbury, London N1,

On 5th October 1946, George Edward Hubbard married Mollie Edith Buckett, at St Nicholas Church, Edmondsham, Dorset.



wedding edmondsham 
At Edmondsham Rectory on 5th October 1946

Left to right = John Waddington Hubbard and Margaret Blanche Sheath;
George Edward Hubbard and Mollie Edith Buckett;
Arthur Cecil Roper and Frances Ann Hubbard 
(using maiden names, though all were now married.)

Looking back ..........

Frances (5yrs), John (9yrs)  and George (7yrs), April 1905