The Hubbard Family Tree

by Judith Frances Hubbard


  1. Victorian Hangover (shortly   coming out as an ebook.)

  2. Trick of the Trade      

  3. Medicine and Myth   

  4. Visit to Madeira 1954  

  5. Pestle in my Hand

  6. Loss of belongings WW2

  7. Goodbye to Inhibitions






The Phelps Family and the Wine Trade in 19th Century Madeira: The Story from Their Letters
by Anthea Boylston and Penelope Forrest.
An 88 page paperback, available from at £4.50 or at $5.92.


A Shoebox of Letters: The Story of the Phelps, Dickinson and Evans Families in Madeira, England and India in the Nineteenth Century

Penelope Forrest, Anthea Boylston, Judith Hubbard