The Hubbard Family Tree

by Judith Frances Hubbard


  1. Victorian Hangover *

  2. Trick of the Trade *     

  3. Medicine and Myth  

  4. Visit to Madeira 1954  

  5. Pestle in my Hand *

  6. Loss of belongings WW2

  7. Goodbye to Inhibitions

The above titles with * have now been published on Amazon under Frances Roper. Victorian Hangover and My Pestle in my Hand.





The Phelps Family and the Wine Trade in 19th Century Madeira: The Story from Their Letters
by Anthea Boylston and Penelope Forrest.
An 88 page paperback, available from at £4.50 or at $5.92.


A Shoebox of Letters: The Story of the Phelps, Dickinson and Evans Families in Madeira, England and India in the Nineteenth Century

Penelope Forrest, Anthea Boylston, Judith Hubbard