The Hubbard Family Tree

by Judith Frances Hubbard


de Brissac is the title of a distinguished noble family (surname Cossé) of France. The small town of Brissac is in the département of Maine-et-Loire, France. Our branch of the family were Huguenots, coming to London via Utrecht.


Frances Dickinson (née de Brissac) is another pivitol person in the family tree. She is seen as something of a matriarch, having very many descendents.


  1. Frances de Brissac's Will

  2. Joan Evans writes...

  3. Family tree with early de Brissac members

  4. Children of Frances de Brissac and Thomas Dickinson

  5. Frances Ann Hubbard (aged 19) makes a copy of the de Brissac genealogy.

  6. Hand copy of the de Brissac genealogy 1919

  7. Bramblebury

  8. The story of the pencil portrait that went missing and did a walkabout.

  9. Grandmama Dickinson's story of her maternal ancestors

  10. The Dutch Money notes by Harriet Ann Dickinson

  11. Peter Abraham de Brissac's claim

  12. The Polchet/de Brissac Tree

  13. The embroidered Bernard Family Tree

  14. Spital Square, Spitalfields, London

  15. From the French Church registers in Threadneedle Street

  16. L’Eglise de Londres

  17. Walter de Brissac