The Hubbard Family Tree

by Judith Frances Hubbard


Phelps – a Gloucestershire name derived from Philip, derived from the Greek name Philippos, meaning a lover of horses.


The Phelps family with their origins in Dursley, Gloucestershire, have been close cousins and friends of my side of the family. The Phelps have played an important part in the shaping of our family history as the various stories will show.


  2. The children of Joseph Phelps and Elizabeth Dickinson

  3. Notes on the Family of Phelps of Madeira by Aunt Frances

  4. Aunt Frances makes a visit to Madeira in 1954

  5. I make a visit to Madeira in 2007

  6. Aunt Frances writes about Aunt Janey Phelps and the orphanage

  7. 2012 - Hubbard and Phelps fourth cousins meet up.

  8. Births, Marriages and Deaths in the family of Phelps with its Branches and Connections.