Elizabeth DICKINSON 1795 - 1876  Ninth child and fourth daughter of Frances de BRISSAC and Thomas DICKINSON.  Married Joseph PHELPS

Joseph PHELPS 1791 - 1876    Sixth child and third son of Elizabeth PEYTON and William PHELPS.  Married Elizabeth DICKINSON.

Their children were -

Elizabeth (Bella) PHELPS 1820-1893    First child and first daughter.

Mary PHELPS 1822 - 1896    Second child and second daughter.

Anne (Kitty) PHELPS 1824 - 1895    Third child and third daughter. Married Robert BAYMAN.

Frances (Fanny) PHELPS 1826 - 1890    Fourth child and fourth daughter. Married John EVANS.

Harriet PHELPS 1828 - 1925    Fifth child and fifth daughter. Married John Lake CROMPTON.

Joseph Francis PHELPS 1829 - 1922    Sixth child and first son. Married Fanny Harriot ROBINSON.

Clara PHELPS 1831 - 1897    Seventh child and sixth daughter. Married John OAKLEY

Charles PHELPS 1833 - 1908    Eighth child and second son. Married (1) Agnes Sarah NEALE d.1876; (2) Katherine Eliza WILKINSON

William PHELPS 1836 - 1911    Ninth child and third son. Catherine Annie GLASSE

Arthur PHELPS 1837- 1920    Tenth child and fourth son. Married Caroline Ann PEYTON

Jane (Janey) de Brissac Fredrica PHELPS 1842 -1926    Eleventh child and seventh daughter.