The different branches of our family all seem to have had a book of how everyone was related to each other, with careful recording of dates. This is a transcript of such a book carefully made by Anthea Boylston and Penelope Phelps Forrest 2019/20.




The Revd Joseph Francis Phelps

With Frances Evans’ love

1st August 1871




Ancestral Tablets

By Wm Whitmore

Elliot Stock

62 Paternoster Row


Births, Marriages and Deaths in the family of Phelps with its Branches and Connections.



page 1

Joseph Phelps married Elizabeth*


Joseph Phelps born 1687 married 21st May 1714 to Anna Cambridge** who was born 6th January 1678. He died on the 20th December 1737. She died 6 July 1724, aged 45. Buried at Dursley.

            Their son

Joseph was born 20th April 1718. He married Ann Pullen*** 14th February 1739/40. He died 10 July 1786 aged 68 years. She died 11th February 1776 aged 70.

            Their children were

1.     Ann born 28th November 1740, died 29th September 1748 aged 7.

2.     Joseph born 30th April 1744. Died a bachelor, buried 1 November 1800 aged 56.

3.     Mary born 21 July 1746, baptised 23 July 1746, died 6th January 1746/7.

4.     William born 21st July 1749, married at St Giles, Cripplegate Elizabeth Peyton (page 20) of Cattespoole in the Parish of Tardebigge in the County of Worcester 6th December 1783 (page 2). She died 8th October 1829 aged 72. He died 23rd December 1831 aged 82, at 18 Montague Place, Russell Square. He embarked for Madeira 18th January and arrived 10th February 1784.


*The first Joseph Phelps above had 3 children, 1st Hannah, baptised 23 March 1682/3, buried 14th November 1685, 2nd John baptised 31st October 1684, and 3rd Joseph baptised 12 March 1687, buried at Dursley, Gloucestershire, 20th December 1736/7.

**Anna Cambridge was daughter of Toby and Anna Cambridge in the Parish of Minchin Hampton Gloucestershire

***Ann Pullen was born 13th July 1705.


 page 2

William Phelps (page 1) married Elizabeth Peyton (page 20) 6th December 1783. She was born 6th July 1757. She died 8th October 1829 aged 72. He died 23rd December 1831 aged 82.

Their children were:

1.     Elizabeth born 24th October 1784. Married Robert Page Esqr of the Island of Madeira (page 24) 22 March 1803. He died 12th September 1829 aged 54 & was buried in the Cloister of Canterbury Cathedral. She died 15th June 1863 and was buried at Kensal Green by J. Oakley.

2.     Mary born 21st September 1785 in Madeira. She died at 18 Montague Place, Bedford Square, London on the 11th February 1862 aged 76, & was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

3.     Ann born 23rd October 1786. Died 18th May 1787.

4.     William born in Madeira 6th November 1787. He died unmarried 19th September 1876 aged nearly 89 at 18 Montague Place, & was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

5.     Abel Peyton born 12th March 1789. Married Rachel Susanna Jackson*, widow of Alexander Deans Esq, Attorney General of the Island of Jamaica 12th May 1835. They had two sons Peyton (page 4) born 26th March 1836 at Lee Terrace, Blackheath and Albert Dawson (page 5) born at Orchard Street 20th June 1842 and a daughter Louisa born 11th September burnt to death. Rachel died 14th August 1849 aged 48 years. He died 6th January 1867 aged 77.

6.     Ann born in Madeira 4th June 1790. Died at 18 Montague Place 9th September 1880, aged 90. Buried at Kensal Green.

7.     Joseph born 24th September 1791 (page 3) married Elizabeth Dickinson (page 31) 17th August 1819. He died on Monday in Passion week, 3rd April 1876 aged 84, and was buried in Woking Cemetery.

8.     Charles born 29th August 1795. He married Donna Maria Antonia Bougalal (a nun) in 1823.  She died 31st December 1829. He died 21st February 1875. They had one daughter Francesina who died.




* daughter of Hon. Samuel Jackson & widow of Alexander Deans, Q.C. by whom she had three children. She was born in 1801. One of her children by her first husband was a daughter called Caroline. She married James Lane Esq.



page 3


Joseph Phelps (page 2) married Elizabeth Dickinson (page 31 17th August 1819. He died 3rd April 1876 in his 85th year at Carmo, Clapham & was buried at Woking Cemetery 7th April. She died on Good Friday 14th April 1876 & was buried 18th April at Woking.

            Their children were:

1.     Elizabeth born 29th October 1820 in Madeira. Died at Carmo, Lark Hall Rise, Clapham, on 14th May 1893.

2.     Mary born 4th August 1822. Died 13th June 1895.

3.     Anne born 9th May 1824. Married Robert Bayman Esqr if Nadeura 29th May 1851 (page 7) at St Nicholas Church, Plumstead. He died 13th August 1881. She died 21st February 1895.

4.     Frances born 21st August 1826 at Bramblebury, Woolwich. Married her cousin John Evans (pages 34 and 37) 23rd July 1859, at St George’s, Bloomsbury. She died 22nd September 1890.

5.     Harriet born 9th February 1828 at Bramblebury. Married the Revd John Lake Crompton 25th Novr  1854 at the Consulate, Madeira, & afterwards in the English Church there. Died 4th February 1925.

6.     Joseph Francis born 26th May 1829. Ordained Christmas 1852 by the Bishop of Newfoundland. Married Fanny Harriot Robinson 2nd September 1862 (page 6). Died 31 August 1922.

7.     Clara born 19th February 183. Married the Revd John Oakley (page 9) 21st January 1860 at St James’ Piccadilly. She died 7th November 1897.

8.     Charles born 20th February 1833. Married Agnes Sarah Neale (page 10) 19th August 1869. She died 7th October 1876 & was buried at Eastbourne. He married secondly Katherine Eliza Wilkinson 1 November 1877.

9.     William born 23rd January 1836. He was gazetted to the wnd West India Regiment 29th July 1862. Married Catharine Annie Glasse 2nd June 1870 (page 11) at Droxford, Bishop’s Waltham, Hants. Died 24 December 1911.

10.  Arthur born 24th October 1837. Was gazetted to the 11th Bombay Native Infantry February 1854. Married Caroline Ann Peyton, his second cousin (page 22) 19th February 1868 (page 12). Commissary General of the Bombay Army 1881-86.

11.  Jane de Brissac Frederica born 19th August 1842. Died 6th November 1926, buried at Woking 10th November.


page 4


Peyton Phelps (Col. Bombay Engineers (page 2) married in Bombay Anna Maunder Eales Good (Nina), eldest daughter of Rev. Wm. Fulford Good D.D. (born 8th November 1835). On 11th December 18606. She died 11 January 1902. He died 1st December 1914.

            Their children were:

1.     Peyton born 4th January 1862 at Poonah.

2.     Nina born 11th September 1863 in Kurrachee.

3.     William Peyton born 22nd April 1865 in Kurrachee. M.A. Caius College, Cambridge 1890. F.J.A. 1891.

4.     Arthur born 24th January 1867 in Kurrachee. Lieut 2nd Battalion Welsh Regiment 8 December ’88, afterwards Lieut. Army Service Corps. Married 11 June’93 Alice Sarah, 3rd daughter of Robert Warren, J.P. of Crookstown House, County Cork (b. December 1866)

5.     Rachel Anna born 22nd December 1868 in Kurrachee, m. 7 Oct. 1909, William Gregory Brandon de Walden, son of Edward Gregory de Walden.

6.     Lucy Mary born 6th October 1872 at Highweek, Newton Abbott, S. Devon.

7.     Ernest Hugh born 27th July 1877 at Stratford St Andrew, Suffolk, died at Aden 22nd December 1878.

8.     Eustace Albert born 17th December 1879 at Chudleigh Knighton, South Devon, B.A. Emmanuel College, Cambridge.



page 5


Albert Dawson Phelps (page 2) Lieut Col. 41st Madras Native Infantry, married first Ellen Hutin 1st November 1863. She died in India 19th March 1864. He married secondly his cousin Anna Martha Jackson (Nina), born 6 January 1846, on 31st July 1866. He died 29th May 1890 at Ealing.

            Their children were:

1.     Died

2.     Charles Albert born in India 12th April 1867. Died at Ealing 8th November 1892 aged 25 years.

3.     Louisa Ella Kerr born 29th December 1869 died 24th June 1870 at Cuttack, Orissa, India.

 page 6

Joseph Francis Phelps (page 3) married Fanny Harriot Robinson (born 11th December 1841) on 2nd September 1862. He died 31st August 1922. She died 11th March 1924.

            Their children were:

1.     Francis Robinson born Portugal Cove, Newfoundland 19th September 1863. He married Edith Hunter (p. 45)

2.     Fanny de Brissac Eliza (Lily) born 25th September 1865 in Newfoundland. She died at Nash Mills 13th June 1870 and was buried in Abbots Langley Churchyard (St Lawrence)

3.     Mary Selina Margaret (Daisy or Dan) born 15th May 1867. Died 14th October 1939 as the result of an accident. Buried in Iffley Churchyard (new part)

4.     Anne Isabelle Emma (Nancy) born 12th December 1868. Married 18th August 1903 at Pretoria Cathedral, Transvaal Captain Stanley, son of _ Fletcher Esqr of Australia

5.     Fanny Josephine born 20th November 1873

6.     Harriot Edith de Brissac (Till or Pottsie) born 9th April 1875, died 21st August 1949

7.     Sophia Maud Emily born 16th August 1876 married 5th September 1916 Colonel Barklie Cairns McCalmont, Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

8.     Joseph Bryan William born 16th January 1879 (p. 50) died 14th December 1941, buried in Iffley Churchyard in his parents’ grave.

9.     Charles Edward Feild born 3rd July 1880, died 11th August 1880. Buried in the Church of England Cemetery, St John’s, Newfoundland, adjoining Mrs Robinson’s grave, on the South.

 page 7

Anne Phelps (page 3) married Robert Bayman Esqr (born 23rd December 1820) on 29th May 1851. He died 13th August 1881at Colnbrook, Gunnersbury. She died 21st February 1895, & was buried at Heston near Perivale.

            Their children were:

Arthur Lowe born 6th December 1854

Ernest born 11th November 1856, died the same day.


page 8

Harriet Phelps (page 3) married the Revd John Lake Crompton (born 15th November 1815) on 25th November 1854. He died in Natal 3rd August 1889.

            Their children were:

1.     Theodore born in Madeira 27th September 1855. Died on Easter Monday 22nd April 1867 at his parents’ residence Breightmet, Pine Town, Natal.

2.     Eustace born 3rd May 1857, married July 1897 Constance daughter of Charles Champneys van Zuilecom. She was born on 2nd June 1865.

1.     Katharine, b. 9 May 1898, 2. Honor Cecilia, b 2 June 1899, 3. Lucy May born 15 February 1901, 4. Basil Lake born 15th October 1903

3.     Bede born 1st April 1859.

4.     Beatrice born 18th January 1861.

5.     Mary born 19th May 1864. Married Captain Edward Graham Pennefather, Inniskillen Dragoons 19th November 1885.

1.     William born 2 April 1887, 2. John Brodrick born 10 April 1890, 3. Mary* born 12 May 1894, 4. Edward Matthew born 27th August 1895

6.     Agnes born 4th May 1866.

7.     Harriet born 6th October 1868. Married Alfred Mostyn Lloyd 29th April 1895. She died 28th February 1904.

1.     Mary Katherine born 2nd July 1896, d. 30th July 1896, 2. Gwynedd born 18th July 1899, 3. Theodore Cymrie born 24th March 1901

8.     Cecilia born 23rd May 1870. Married Arthur Hamilton Baynes, Bishop of Maritzburg, Natal 28th November 1894. She died 21st January 1919.

1.     Thomas Austin Hamilton born 28th December 1896, 2. Colin Hamilton born 6th October 1899, 3. Mary Hamilton born 20th February 1901, 4. St Clair born 13th February 1903, 5. Patrick Hamilton born 15th October 1907

9.     Katharine born 23rd June 1871. Died on 16th October 1877 at her parents’ residence Breightmet, Pine Town

10.  Godfrey born 13th May 1873, married Hildegarde Meyer.

1.     Natalie Hildegarde


*Mary married Robert Gibbings. Their child was Patrick Robert Pennefather born 16th December 1920.

page 9

Clara Phelps (page 3) married the Revd John Oakley 21st January 1860. He was born 26th October 1834. He died 10th June 1890. She died 7th November 1897.

            Their children were:

1.     Frank Page born 23rd October 1862. He married Marion third daughter of Arthur Coventry of The Caves, Chapel-en-le-Frith.

      1. John born 9th June 1894, died 16th Februry 1911, 2. William born 24th August 1898,     3. Richard born 27th October 1901

2.  Clara Margaret (Daisy) born 4th February 1864. Married Philip Coldwell Thicknesse, son        of the Suffragen Bishop of Leicester, 28th April 1891.

3.   Lucy Violet Ellen born 27th April 1865.

4.   Mary Dorothea Katharine born 10th December 1866.

5.  Roland Edward George born 28th July 1868. He died 1st June 1905 (being Ascension Day), & was buried at High Wycombe, Bucks, where he was Assistant Curate, on 3rd June 1870. His death was caused by an accident while he was riding a motor-bicycle through Princes Risborough on the 20th May 1905.

6.  Ernest Peyton John de Brissac born 30th October 1870. He married Winifred Nellie Vale,   2nd daughter of Lorraine King of Calcutta, on 26th March 1898.

1.     Roland John Lorraine born 7th October 1907, 2. Joan de Brissac 10th April 1909

7.  Phyllis Rosamund born 22nd August 1872. She married (28th November 1901) Houston Stewart Wallace.

1.     Phyllis Hope born 12th September 1902, 2. Roland Houston Stewart born 3rd March 1906

page 10

Charles Phelps (page 3) married Agnes Sarah Neale* 19th August 1869. She was born 6th August 1844 and died 7th October 1876 aged 33. He died at Withernsea, Hull, 26th February 1908.

            Their child was:

Margaret Agnes Neale born 6th November 1870. Married Harry Rose Pugh** 9th January 1894. He was born 23rd April 1855. She died at Boscombe, 24th January 1907.


Charles Phelps married secondly Katharine Eliza Wilkinson at St May Magdalen’s Paddington on 1st November 1877. She died 4th June 1911 (Whit Sunday) at Letchworth Garden City, & was buried on the 7th June in the Parish churchyard of Letchworth.




*Agnes Sarah Neale was the daughter of the Revd John Mason Neale, Founder of St Margaret’s Convent, East Grinstead, & Warden of Sackville College.

**Harry Rose Pugh was the son of Charles Pugh Esqr, who was born 10th September 1810, married June 1854.



page 11

William Phelps (page 3) married Catharine Annie Glasse 2nd June 1870 (She was born 25th May 1843 & was daughter of Major General Glasse, Bombay Army.) She died at Winchester 28 March 1908, & was buried at Droxford, Hants, 2 April 1908. He died at Droxford, 24 December 1911, & was buried at Droxford.


1.     A daughter, still-born, 4th February 1885 (at Nash Mills).


page 12 

Arthur Phelps (page 3) married Caroline Ann Peyton, his second cousin (page 22) on 19th February 1868 at St Thomas’s Cathedral Bombay. She died 9th June 1904. He died 4th October 1920.


Their children were

1.     Malet Peyton born at Aden 7th January 1869 Major 2nd Derbyshire Batt. Married Dorothy Heath, youngest daughter of Sir James Smith of Edgbaston Hall, Birmingham on 7th February 1907 (page 47).

2.     Murray Newton born 5th January 1871 at Aden, LLB Cambridge (Jesus College), Captain 1st Warwickshire Volunteer Battalion. Married Ethel May, elder daughter of John hawthorn Kitson, of Elmet Hall, Roundhay, Leeds, on 12th February 1907 (page 48).

3.     Elizabeth Lora (Elsie) born 4th September 1872 at Ahmedabad, married Charles Holt, eldest son of Oswald Holt Caldicott, 15th September 1898. He was born 26th February 1871. Their children were: 1) Enid Lora, born 17th July 1899, 2) Richard Arthur Holt, born 8th March 1902, 3) John William Charles born 6th November 1906.

4.     George Ingram de Brissac born 2nd July 1875 at Puna. BA Cambridge 1898. Married Josephine Evangeline (Eva), daughter of William Russell Fenton, Clerk of the Crown & Peace, Ardaghhowen, Sligo, Ireland, on 16th April 1903, at St John’s Church. 1) George, 2) Evangeline, 3) Sheilah, born 24 November 1908 at Portella.

 page 13

Augusta Fortune Peyton (page 22) married George Wells Ingram 20th April 1864. He died 6th January 1875.

Their children were

1.                Charley Wells born 20th March 1865, died 17th November 1884.

2.                Mary Peyton born 11th October 1869, married William Edward Brockway 20th August 1895.

3.                Albert Wells born 29th January 1872.

page 14

Edward Peyton (p. 22) married Charlotte Lloyd Phelps (who was born 4th April 1833) on the 17th February 1853. He died 14th March 1906.


Their children were

1.     Ernest Phelps born 9th July 1855, married Jessie B. Forster (a daughter of Dr Forster of Daventry) 28th April 188. 1) Winifred born 28th January 1888, died 13th November 1894, 2) Evelyn born 26th January 1889.

2.     Christina Elizabeth (Cissy) born 4th December 1856, married John Feeney of The Moat, Berkswell, Coventry, second son of John Frederick Feeney of Edgbaston. He died 16th December 1905 aged 67.

3.     Gertrude Charlotte born 16th December 1857, married Rev. George Hough, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Worcester on 3rd July 1880. She died 5th March 1885. 1) Gertrude Margaret, born 2nd August 1881, married Rev – Pugh, 2) Beryl Mary born 16th November 1882, 3) Gertrude Charlotte, born 26th February 1885.

4.     Edward Basil born 26th January 1859.

5.     Leonard Augustus born 28th September 1860, married Annie (Nancy) second daughter of Edwin Blackburn, Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead. She was born 23rd March 1866. 1) Eileen Christina, born 31st July 1893, 2) Doris Margaret born 22nd March 1895, 3) Elizabeth Ursulaborn 28th August 1896, 4) Edward Leeson born 29th November 1897, 5) John Nicholson born 3rd April 1899, 6) Richard Anthony born 20th August 1900.

6.     Lilian Emma (Eiley) born 16th January 1862, married Alexander Christimus Nansen, of Christiania (brother of the Arctic explorer) on 1st January 1891. 1) Einar Walter, born 19th April 1892, 2) Leif born 22 August 1895, died 31 August 1902, Hans Øivind born 22nd October 1900.

7.     Bernard Richard born 14th June 1863, married Ethel Imray Hawes on 6th May 1897, daughter of Major C. Ward Hawes. 1) Barbara Winifred Estelle, born 6th May 1898.

 page 15

Elizabeth Frances Peyton (p. 22) married Robert Lucas Chance (who was born 18th September 1821) on 25th September 1848.


Their children were

1.     Agnes Louisa born 24th October 1851, married George Harrison Evans, M.B., F.R.C.S. at Edgbaston Parish Church on 25th April 1876. 1) Robert Fabian born 22 March 1877, 2) Gwendolin* born 8th February 1878, 3) Muriel born 18th July 1879.

            G.H. Evans died on 30th December 1881. Agnes married secondly Sidney        Goodwin on 16th August 1883. Their children were: 1) Sybil Margaret born 10th June 1884, 2) Harold James born 31st January 1886.

2.     Arthur Lucas born 12th June 1853, married Mabel Henrietta Johnson on 1st January 1880. Their children were 1) Walter Lucas born on 2nd December 1880, 2) Noel Richard Lucas born on Christmas day 1881, 3) Stella mabel born on 13th February 1884, 4) Geoffrey Robert Lucas born on 7th October 1885.

3.     Walter Peyton born on 3rd November 1855, died on 30th January 1880.

4.     Sidney born     1857, died 12th December 1858.

5.     Frances Ethel born 8th February 1862.



*Gwen Evans married 1st January 1904 James Edwin Forbes, only son of the late Reverend William Forbes of Edinburgh.


page 16

page 17


Richard Peyton (page 22) married Emily Rebecca Harding on 1st May 1861. She died (s.p.) on 14th January 1872. He married secondly Harriet Long on 31st August 1875.


Their children were

1.     Beatrice born on 17th August 1876. She died on 31st August 1876.

2.     Walter Abel born on 27th January 1878. He died        1878.

page 18

Montague Grover of Boveney, Bucks – born 13th October 1723, married Latitia daughter of Hatch Moody Esq of Carpenders, Watford. He died 14th November 1795. She died 1812.

Their children were

1.     Montague born 27th May 1758, married Jane Baverstock. He died 7th November 1825. She died 1808. Their only child,  daughter, died an infant.

2.     William born 1st August 1759, died 2nd June 1760.

3.     Samuel born 17th August 1760, died 27th August 1760.

4.     Harry born 30th October 1761, married 28th November 1787. Sybilla daughter of George Philip Ehret and Elizabeth Day his wife (page 19). He died 19th ugust 1835. She died 1st June 1853 at The Bury, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

5.     Thomas born 7th October 1763, died October 1779, buried at St Helena.

6.     George born 18th April 1765, died 30th October 1765.

7.     John Septimus born 30th October 1766, married 28th April 1811 Harriet daughter of Captain Thomas Dickinson R.N. (page 31). He was Vice Provost of Eton College for many years & Rector of Farnham Royl, Bucks. He died in London 28th November 1855 aged 89. She died 2nd March 1865 aged 78.

8.     Brocket born 1st July 1768 married Elizabeth Key 2nd May 1799. They had ten children of whom John Brocket Key and Montague only have families. He died 8th February 1828. She died 15th September 1843.

9.     Samuel George born 26th June 1772, died 9th March 1775.

10.  Charles born 13th April 1774, married Catherine Loveday 18th April 1797 and died 28th January 1811 leaving two children Jane Elizabeth born 28th March 1798 and Montague born 28th October 1801.

 page 19

Harry Grover (page 18) of The Bury, Hemel Hempstead and Boveney, Bucks, born 30th October 1761, married Sibylla Ehret 28th November 1787. He died 19th August 1835. She was born      and died 1st June 1853.

Their children were

1.     Elizabeth Ehretia born 20th August 1788, married William Smith (Solicitor Hemel Hempstead) 10th November 1815 and died 15th November 1866, having had 9 children of whom 3 daughters and one son married. Died on 28th December 1874.

2.     Ann born 21st December 1789 married John Dickinson (pages 31 and 32) on 5th September 1810. He died 11th January 1869 aged 86. She died on 28th December 1874 aged 85.

3.     Harry Montague born 15th November 1791 married Elizabeth Emma Dufton Shaistyat (17th September 1837) and died 20th August 1866, leaving one son John Willim born 20th April 1838, married Elinor widow of __ Gerard Esq.

4.     Charlotte born 20th December 1793, died at St Albans 7th January 1880 aged 86.

5.     Samuel born 5th July 1795, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford Curate of Great Berkhampstead, Herts, died 13th September 1822.

6.     Sophia born 13th January 1797, died at St Albans 3rd January 1884 aged nearly 88.

7.     George born 10th August 1798. Midshipman on board HMS Impregnable. Died at Plymouth 30th March 1808.

8.     Harriet born 28th May 1800.

9.     Emily born 5th January 1802.

10.  Charles Ehret born 18th September 1803, married firstly Susanna Chaplyn 26th August 1830. She died 8th April 1844 leaving six children – Harry, Charles, Susanna, Kate, George, Walter. He married secondly Jane Stanley 1st June 1847. She died 30th July 1865 leaving 5 children – Ernest, Agnes, Mary, Malcolm, Herbert. He died 29th September 1884 aged 81.

11.  John Thomas born 9th August 1805, married Elizabeth Creed 27th July 1847 and died childless 30th July 1861.

12.  Edward Frederic – born 8th December 1807, died 23rd July 1808

13.  Georgina Augusta born 25th February 1809, married the Revd Charles John Way 1st ugust 1832. He died Vicar of Boreham, Essex 9th November 1873.

14.  William Alfred born 18th December 1810, married Sarah Athon 3rd February 1834 in Van Dieman’s Land, died at Adelide 21st August 1873.

15.  Mary Octavia born 23rd February 1841, married Thomas Cradock of Quorn Court, Leicestershire 13th October 1841. He died September 1863.

page 20 

Abel Peyton born January 1721-2. Married Hannh Shaw (born June 1727) on 22nd March 1748-9. He died 6th September 1801.


Their children were

1.     Richard born in London 12th August 1753 (page 21) married Elizabeth Ann Fortune 16th September 1795. He died 2nd February 1833. She died 16th November 1827.

2.     Margaret born 14th November 1755, died unmarried 22nd June 1836 in her 80th year and was buried in the Old Rectory House Graveyard, Birmingham.

3.     Elizabeth born 6th July 1757 (N.S.) married William Phelps of the Island of Madeira (pages 1 and 2) on 6th December 1783 and died at Margate 8th October 1829.* He died 23rd December 1831.

4.     Abel born 4th March 1760, died in Bengal 5th December 1781. Lieut. H.E.J.C.S.

Abel and Hannah Peyton, besides the above, had eight children who died in infancy.


*Elizabeth Phelps was buried in Margate Church.

page 21


Richard Peyton (page 20) married Elizabeth Anne Fortune 16th September 1795. She died 16th November 1827. He died 2nd February 1833.


Their children were

1.     Elizabeth Fortune born 15th January 1797, married W.H. Partridge Esq* (a medical man) 24th September 1829. He died 5th January 1854. She died 7th January 1884.

2.     Abel born 23rd July 1799, married Elizabeth Cobb (born 23rd February 1805) on 1st October 1824 (page 22)

3.     Hannah Shaw born 27th November 1800, married Horatio Bolingbroke Esq of Norwich on 10th June 1823. She died 5th September 1878 in her 78th year. He died 5th January 1879 aged 80.

4.     Richard born 21st January 1805, married Mary Ann Hoskisson who died ___ 1858.

5.     Margaret born 9th July 1806, married John Burbery Esq ____ 1830. He died  __ April 1873.



*Mrs Partridge’s eldest son, Peyton Partridge, had a daughter Maud who married Mr Cooper, City Magistrate of Bombay.



page 22

Abel Peyton (page 21) married Elizabeth Cobb 1st October 1824. She was born 23rd February 1806, died 26th September 1890 and was buried at Witton Cemetery.


Their children were:

1.     Richard born 18th December 1825, married Emily Rebecca Harding 1st May 1861. She died 14th January 1872. He married second Harriet Long 31st August 1875. Their first child died in 1876. 2. Walter Abel, born 27th January 1878, died ___ . He died 23rd May 1910.

2.     Elizabeth Frances born 24th August 1827, married Robert Lucas Chance 25th September 1848 (p. 15).

3.     Edward born 6th February 1829, married Charlotte Lloyd Phelps (of an Irish family) on 17th February 1853 (p.14).

4.     Augusta Fortune born 7th August 1830, married George Wells Ingram 20th April 1864. He died 6th January 1875 (p.13)

5.     Caroline Ann born 17th January 1833, married her second cousin Arthur Phelps, Captain in the Bombay Army (pages 3 and 12) on the 19th February 1868 in St Thomas’ Cathedral, Bombay. She died 9th June 1904 aged 71.

6.     Henry born 20th March 1836, married Mary Strike at Hamburg 4th April 1870  (2 sons & 1 daughter)


Note: Edward’s daughter Lilian Emma married on 1st Jnuary 18.., at the Parish Church, Hampton in Arden, Alexander Christinus Nansen, of Christiania, brother of the Arctic explorer.


Augusta Fortune Ingram’s only daughter Mary Peyton married on 20th August 18.., at Solihull Parish Church, William Edward Brockway, St David’s Reigate, younger son of John Brockway, Marlborough.


page 23

Copies of entries in a Bible, prayerbook, etc. in one volume – dates 1619 and 1620, belonging to Abel Peyton Esq of Cattespoole, Tardebigge and of Oakhurst, Edgbaston.


Richard Peyton son of John Peyton “of Cobley in that part of the Parish of Tardebigge that is in the County of Warwick gentleman” was born in 1574, purchased Cattespoole estate in 1622 and died in 1639 aged 65.

His wife Ann was buried at Tardebigge, May 1641, lived at Cattespoole, and died March 1696 aged 81

            Richard Peyton, eldest son, was born November 1615. His wife Abigail died July 1672.

            Abel Peyton, eldest son born                 , lived at Cattespoole, died in 1729 aged

His wife Elizabeth died 1714.

            Richard Peyton, eldest son, born 1682 lived at Cattespoole and died April 1731-2 aged 49. His wife Hannah was born 1687 and died 1757, buried in London.

            Richard Peyton, eldest son, born 1720, died probably in London.

            Abel Peyton, second son, born 31st January 1721-2, purchased Cattespoole estate of his nephew Edward Ireson Peyton, married Hannah Shaw of Mansfield. Lived in London, died 6th September 1801 aged 79 and was buried at Tardebigge (page 20).


page 24

The Reverend Charles Page of North Leach in the County of Gloucester, Clerk in Holy Orders, Rector of Shipton Olliffe and Shipton Sollus, which Living he resigned in 1756, Curate Perpetual of Compton Abdale in Gloucestershire and Rector of Shaldon, Hants, married Ann eldest daughter of John Coxwell Esq of Ablington (who was born 16th January 1735) on the 11th June 1755.


Their children were

1.     Penelope born 18th July 1756, married 1782 the Reverend John Prince D.D. and died 1832. Their only child John Charles born 23rd May 1784, married Sarah Huson of Liverpool. Their children were John Charles, Sarah Page (married to              ) Thomas, Jasper, Hannah, Penelope Harriet who married Edwin Woodgate.

2.     Mary born 18th December 1757, died 21st December 1775.

3.     John Page born 27th July 1759, elected Scholar of Christ Church College, Oxon. Took his M.A. degree in January 1782. Died 10th February 1782.

4.     Charles born 17th March 1761. Exhibitioner at Pembroke College, Oxon. Died at Whitehall 1803.

5.     Richard born 15th October, died 13th May 1763.

6.     Anne born 2nd April 1764, married Thomas Eden, died 15th March 1846. Their children were 1. Anne Penelope, 2. John, 3. Robert, Vicar of Wymondham, Norfolk who married and had four children*, Elizabeth died 1833, 5. Eleanor Ann married Mr Thomas Exley, left 1 child Thomas, 6. Thomas, 7. Charles Page Vicar of Aberford, married Elizabeth Jane Landon.

7.     James born 19th March 1766.

8.     Catharine born 5th November 1767.

9.     Elizabeth  born 20th December 1768, died unmarried 9th December 1849.

10.  Sarah born 2nd October 1770, married John Beadey of Wotton-under-Edge. She died 10th July 1828. Their only child John Charles died 1830 aged 17.

11.  Eleanor born 17th January 1773, married 30th July 1811 the Reverend James Bordman of Lever Edge, Lancashire. Their only child Eleanor Page born 16th March 1814, married 30th June 1848 Francis Robert Jago Surgeon R.N. who died 19th November 1862. Their only child Elizabeth Clara Consuelo was born 7th October 1849. Mrs E.P. Jago died 24th June 1878.

12.  Robert born 25th March 1775, married Elizabeth Phelps (page 2) 22nd March 1803 and died 5th March 1829 and was buried in the Cloister of the Cathedral, Canterbury. He was Knight of the Royal Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword and the French Order of the Fleur de Lys o.s.p.



*1. Emily Page, 2. Robert (dead), 3. Anne, 4. Eleanor who died unmarried.



page 25

Henry Peyton (p. 22) married (at Hamburg) Mary Strike of Oxford (who was born 5th December 1842) on 4th April 1870. He died 1st April 1891.


Their children were

1.     Wilfred Stanley born 2nd February 1871, died 1st April 1871.

2.     Hildegarde Winifred born 21st September 1873, died 6th August 1904.

3.     Eva Mary born 20th November 1874, died 23rd March 1877.

4.     William Percy born 8th November 1875.

5.     Helmuth Pendennis born 2nd April 1879.

page 26


Polchet French Refugee about 1684


His eldest daughter was


Jane married John Luke Landon.

Their son John Landon married his cousin Anne Loy. (also spelled Loi)


Anne married Sebastian Loy (page 27). Their daughter Anne married first her cousin John Landon who died                  . She married secondly Jacob Jennett who died 15th February 1803.


page 27

Anne Polchet married Sebastian Loy.


Their children were

1.     Anne born     , married first her cousin John Landon, secondly she married Jacob Jennett by whom she had a son Jacob whose daughter Harriet married     Hughes.

2.     Jane born 1730, married first John Nash and had two sons, John and Sebastian. She married secondly Peter Abraham de Brissac by whom she had five children but three daughters only survived (pages 28 and 31).


page 28


Jane second daughter of Sebastian Loy and Anne Polchet married first John Nash by whom she has two sons:

1.     Sebastian Nash (whose second daughter Mary married Sir Thomas Bazley (in 1828) of Tolmers, Herts and Eyford Park, Gloucestershire, M.P. for Manchester.

2.     John Nash (who married a Miss Ware, one of whose daughters Eliza married the Reverend __ Rawlins.

Mrs Nash married second Peter Abraham de Brissac (who was born 1731).

He died 1768. She died

By her second husband her children were

1.     Jane born 9th December 1754, married John Frederick Bernard 18th July 1776. She died 3rd June 1821.

2.     Elizabeth born 2nd April 1756, married John Ware.

3.     James born 23rd February 1758, died 24th October 1758.

4.     Frances born 19th May 1759, died 17th June 1759.

5.     Frances born 22nd September 1760, married Captain Thomas Dickinson R.N. 30th June 1781. He died 24th May 1828. She died 27th August 1854 (page 31)

page 29

page 30

Commander John Dickinson R.N. of the Office of Ordnance and one of the Elder Brothers of the Trinity House, born 1723, died 1781. He married Alice Quin at Lisbon on 26th September 1745. She died at Flushing near Falmouth.

He married secondly a Mrs Susanna Bernard whose maiden name was Lardent, and died 5th May 1781 aged 58.


By his first wife the children were

1.     John born 1746, killed by a fall from the masthead.

2.     Maria born 1748, died young

3.     William born 1751, died 1828 and was buried at Newnham, Gloucestershire.

4.     Thomas born 21st October 1754, married Frances de Brissac 30th June 1781 at Spitalfields Church (page 28). He died 24th May 1828 aged 75. She died 27th August 1854 aged 93.

page 31

Captain Thomas Dickinson R.N. (page 30) married Frances de Brissac born 24th September 1760 (page 28) on the 30th June 1781. He died 24th May 1828 aged 75. She died 27th August 1854 aged 93.

Their children were

1.     John born 29th March 1782, married Ann Grover 1810 at St Mary’s Hemel Hempstead (page 19 and 32) on the 5th September 1810. He died at 39 Upper Brook Street, London 11th January 1869. She died 28th December 1874 aged 85.

2.     Thomas born 16th April 1784, married Catherine Dean 14th April 1808. She died 3rd December 1856 aged 66. He married secondly 1859 Mary widow of Richard Wickes Esq of the Manor House, Hurstpierpoint. He died a Major General, Bombay Engineers 19th April 1861 aged 77 (page 33 and 39). She died April 1891.

3.     Frances and

4.     William. They were twins born 23rd June 1785. He died the day he was christened 21st October 1785. She died 17th January 1870 aged 84 and was buried at Kensal Green.

5.     Harriet born 9th October 1786. She married the Rev John Septimus Grover (born 30th October 1766) on 28th August 1811. He died on 28th November 1853 aged 87. She died 2nd March 1865 aged 78 (page 18).

6.     Sebastian born 4th December 1787. Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers. He was killed at the Siege of Badajos on 11th May 1811 aged 23.

7.     Anne born 30th May 1789, died 3rd May 1791.

8.     Anne born 30th July 1791. She married the Rev Arthur Benoni Evans D.D. (born 25th March 1781) on 17th June 1819. He died on 8th November 1854 aged 73 (page 34) and was buried at Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, where he had been for 26 years Headmaster of the Grammar School.

9.     George born 4th December 1793. He died on 1st July 1843 aged 49.

10.  Elizabeth born 16th November 1795 and was baptised at Greenwich. She married Joseph Phelps of the Island of Madeira on 17th August 1819 (page 3). She died on Good Friday 14th April 1876, aged 80, and was buried in Woking Cemetery. He died on 3rd April 1876.

page 32


John Dickinson (page 31) married Anne Grover at St Mary’s, Hemel Hempstead 5th September 1810 (p. 19). He died on the 11th January 1869 aged 86. She died 28th December 1874 aged 85.


Their children were:

1.     John Moody born 13th June 1811, died 23rd May 1812.

2.     John Henry born 7th December 1812, died 25th January 1813.

3.     Frances Elizabeth born 1st January 1814, married Frederick William Pratt-Barlow 14th April 1841 (page 36). She died 18th November 1881 aged 67, he died 18th Juy 1883.

4.     John born 28th December 1815, married Alicia Martha Bicknell 25th October 1859 (page 35). She died 19th June 1875 aged 46, he died 23rd November 1876. Both were buried at King’s Langley, Herts.

5.     Samuel born 10th March 1820, died 20th June 1826 & was buried at St Andrew’s, Holborn.

6.     William born 15th December 1821, died 26th August 1832.

7.     Harriet Ann born at Nash Mills House, Hemel Hempstead 11th June 1823, married her cousin John Evans (page 37) on the 12th September 1850. She died at Nash Mills 1st January 1858. She was christened, married and buried at St Lawrence, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire. John Evans, who was knighted, died 31st May 1908.

page 33


Thomas Dickinson Lieut Bombay Engineers (page 31) married Catherine Dean (she was born 29th May 1789) 14th April 1808. She died 3rd December 1855 aged 66. He married secondly Mary widow of Richard Weekes Esq of The Mansion House, Hemel Hempstead 17th November 1859. He died Major General 19th April 1861


By his first wife his children were

1.     Thomas Malcolm born 17th February 1809. He died in India 10th July 1836 of cholera at Rajcote, Ensign.

2.     Henry Strachan born 20th July 1810. Ordained 30th October 1836, married Catharine Mary Tylecote 10th July 1840. She was born 28th August 1806 and died 15th January 1884 aged 78. He died 28th September 1896, & was buried at Chattisham, Suffolk, of which he had been Rector. Their child Henry John was born 15th August 1842, and died 17th August 1842.

3.     George Harris born 4th September 1812, died in India 9th May 1832 at Poona.

4.     Sebastian Stewart born 28th March 1815, married Frances Stephana Hyatt 15th May 1856 (page 38). She was born 13th September 1824. He died 23rd August 1878 at Browns Hill, Gloucestershire. He was M.P. from 1868 to 1873. Re-elected January 1874, unseated May 1874.

5.     Eleanor Fanny born 9th November 1816, married Captain George Fulljames in Bombay 10th February 1841. He died 21st September 1853, leaving her with one child Catherine Harriet born 9th December 1841, who married the Revd Walter Frederick Rowsell 14th August 1867.

6.     Eliza born 12th November 1818. He married Lieut Francis Wemyss 23rd January 1838 (page 39). He died a Captain 27th June 1848. She married secondly Captain William Bligh O’Connell 31st May 1861 & died 17th January 1863.

7.     William Rice born 23rd December 1824, married Margaret Blacecke Clubley 20th November (page 40). She died 23rd September 1884.

8.     Alexander Wedderburn born 8th November 1825, died in Bombay, India 23rd June 1848 aged 24.

 page 34


Anne Dickinson (page 31) married the Revd Arthur Benoni Evans D.D. (born 25th Mrch 1781) 17th June 1819. He died 8th November 1854 aged 73.


Their children were

1.     Anne born 4th June 1820, died 19th February 1870 aged 49 & was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery 24th February.

2.     Arthur born 9th January 1822, ordained                             , died 21st April 1850 aged 28 and was buried at Market Bosworth.

3.     John born 17th November 1823, married his cousin Harriet Ann Dickinson (page 32) on 12th September 1850 (page 37). She died 1st January 1858. He married secondly his cousin Frances Phelps (page 3) on 23rd July 1859 at St George’s, Bloomsbury. She died s.p. 22nd September 1890. He married thirdly Maria Millington Lathbury, by whom he had one daughter Joan born 22nd June 1893. He was F.R.S., D.C.L., P.S.A., & K.C.B.1892.

4.     George born 17th May 1825, died in Madeira 25th January 1847 aged 21.

5.     Emma born 13th September 1828, married John Waddington Hubbard at Market Bosworth (born 10th July 1823) on 10th January 1856 (page 41). He died in Madeira 15th June 1871. She died at Kew 3rd June 1905.

6.     Sebastian born 2nd March 1830, married Elizabeth Goldney (born 24th February 1833) on 6th April 1858 (page 42).


page 35

John Dickinson (page 32) married Alicia Martha Bicknell 25th October 1859 (who was born 26th November 1828). She died 19th June 1875. He died 23rd November 1876. Both were buried at King’s Langley, Herts.


Their children were

1.     John born 24th October 1860. He died, unmarried, 20th August 1896.

2.     Thomas Gordon born 18th Februry 1862.

3.     Harry Kendall born 28th May 1867, died at Abbots Hill, Herts on Monday 9th December 1872, named after his great grandfather, Rev. Kendall, Warden of the Leicester Hospital, Warwick.



page 36

Frances Elizabeth Dickinson (page 32) married Frederick William Pratt Barlow 14th April 1841 (who was born 3rd May 1815). She died 15th November 1881. He died suddenly 18th July 1883 aged 68. Both are buried at Hawley, Hants.


Their children were:

1.     John Edward Pratt born 5th February 1842 held a commission in the 60th Royal Rifles retired. He died at Estcourt, Natal on 7th January 1885.

2.     Frederick Thomas Pratt born 17th September 1843, married 17th May 1888, Rachel M., daughter of Catesby Paget. He died at Brighton 1st August 1893. Their children were 1. Arthur born 1891, 2. Grisel born

3.     Fanny born 2nd June 1845 and died at 2 days.

4.     Fanny Helen Pratt born 17th May 1846, married John Barnard Hankey 27th April 1872. Their children were: 1. George Frederick born 22nd March 1873, 2. Dorothea born 19th April 1874, 3. Edward Allan born 6th April 1875, 4. Mary Andalusia born 25th November 1877. She died 19th December 1886.

5.     Frank Pratt born 28th December 1847, married Agnes Margaret Boyle 9th May 1876 (daughter of Rear Admiral Boyle). Their children were: 1. Edward born 1881, 2. Robert born 1885.

6.     Florence Ann Pratt born 28th April 1849, married Thomas Norton Longman 28th April 1874. Their children were: 1. Georgina Edith born 7th March 1875, married William Madford, 2. Helen Agnes born 19th September 1876, 3. Evelyn, 4. Frances.

7.     Archibald Pratt born 6th December 1850, married Ethel Laura Holden of Bramcote, Notts, 7th July 1881.

8.     Edith Pratt born 2nd May 1853, married 18th November 1886 Minard A.R. Cammell. Their children were: 1. Fanny Angela born 29th September 1887, 2. Florence Mary born 1890.

page 37

Harriet Ann Dickinson (page 32) married her cousin John Evans (page 34) on the 12th September 1850. She died 1st January 1858. He married secondly his cousin Frances Phelps (page 3) on the 23rd July 1859. He married thirdly Maria Millington Lathbury (page 34). He died 31st May 1908. Their child, Joan, was born 22nd June 1893.


By the first marriage the children were:

1.     Arthur John born 8th July 1857, married Margaret daughter of E.A. Freeman of Somerleaze, Somerset on 19th September 1878. She died 11th March 1893, at Alassio.

2.     Lewis born 15th February 1853, married 14th February 1884 Beryl May, elder daughter of Reverend Percival Seth Ward. He married secondly Eva Fanny, daughter of Captain G.N.J. Bradford, 8th King’s Regiment, and Alicia juli Lane, of 14b Lexham Gardens West on 14th January 1890, by whom he has a daughter Alice Dorothy, born 16th February 1892.

3.     Philip Norman born 13th December 1854, married Ada Gilbert Dickinson, born     . He died 9th December 1893 at Reading and was buried there on his birthday.

4.     Alice born 9th July 1856, married 26th September 1882 William, only son of James Lewis Minet of 18 _  Square. He was born 13th September 1851. She died 13th March 1887 at 47 Albion Street, Hyde Park. She was christened, married and buried at Abbot’s Langley. She left one child, Susan born 3rd March 1884. William Minet married secondly Mary Rayer, she died 9th March 1931.

5.     Harriet Ann born 19th December 1857, married Charles James second son of William Longman (who was born 14th April 1852) on 15th July 1880. Their children were Mary, born 29th April 1881, William born 14th November 1882, Sibyl born 25th April 1885, Frederick born 9th May 1890.


page 38

Sebastian Stewart Dickinson (page 33) married Frances Stephana Hyett (who was born 13th September 1824) on the 15th May 1856. He was M.P. for Stroud from 1868 to 1873. He died 23rd August 1878. She died 23rd December 1893.


Their children were:

1.     Frances May, M.D. born 22nd April 1857, married Dr James Berry 5th August 1891.

2.     2. Willoughby Hyett born 9th April 1859, married Minnie Elizabeth (born 10th April 1865), daughter of General Sir Richrd Meade 12th December 1891. Their children were 1. Agnes Désiré, born 30th December 1892, 2. Frances Joan, born 29th May 1894, married Colin C. Davidson, 3 or 4 children, 3. Richard Sebastian Willoughby, born 15th January 1897. He died c. 1935, 4 children.

3.     Annie Josephine born 15th October 1863.

page 39


Eliza Dickinson (page 33) married Francis Wemyss, Lieut Bombay Engineers on 23rd January 1838. He died a Captain 27th June 1848. She married secondly Colonel William Bligh O’Connell 31st May 1861, and died 17th January 1863.


By her first marriage her children were:

1.     Harriet Catherine born 22nd December 1841

2.     Francis born                 , died 25th January 1847.

3.     Maynard Willoughby born 14th August 1846, married Mary Clare, daughter of Revd Edward Dickinson 14th June 1871. (He succeeded to the family property - The Wilderness in the Forest of Dean in 1877, and took the name of Wemyss-Colchester, and afterwards of Colchester-Wemyss). 1. Maynard Francis Edward, born 12th March 1872, 2. Geraldine Mimi Clare born 7th January 1874, 3. Cecil Dorothea, born 24th April 1876, 4. John Morris born 20th March 1880, 5. Margaret Alison born 12th February 1885.

4.     Alice born 13th September 1848.



page 40


William Rice Dickinson (page 33) married Margaret Blanche Clubley 20th November 1860. She was born 3rd July 1839 and died 23rd September aged 45.


Their children were:

1.     Catherine Blanche born 3rd July 1862

2.     Thomas Malcolm born 1st March 1865, married 10th October 1890 Gertrude Henrietta Moore (born 1st January 1863). Their children were 1. William Malcolm born 20th November 1891, 2. Thomas Malcolm, born 13th February 1893. He died 2nd February 1898.

3.     Nora Frances Margaret born 26th December 1876.

4.     William Henry Egerton de Brissac born 20th August 1880.



page 41

Emma Evans (page 34) married John Waddington Hubbard on 10th January 1856. He was born 10th July 1823. He died in Madeira on 15th June 1871. She died at Kew on 3rd June 1905.


Their children were:

1.     Arthur John born 7th November 1856, married 10th July 1888 Charlotte (“Lottie”) Marian, daughter of Edward Vizard (born 28th October 1859). Their children were: 1. John Waddington, born 15th January 1896; 2. George Edward, born 31st July 1897; 3. Frances Ann born 6th December 1899; 4. Arthur Benoni born 20th January 1902.

2.     George born 19th March 1859, married 1st June 1892 Sara Eleonora (“Nora”), daughter of Henry Philip Rouquette. She died 25th May 1922. Their child was Philip Waddington born 10th March 1893. He married, secondly, Doris Astell (2 children).

3.     Mary born 25th October 1860. She died 20th April 1865. She was buried at Market Bosworth.

4.     Frances born 12th January 1862. She married Wynnard Hooper on 1st September 1891.

5.     Emma born 6th July 1863, married 29th April 1886 at St Mary Abbot’s, Kensington Henry Stirling Walker of Tankusley, Barnsley, Captain 3rd York & Lancaster Regiment. She died 20th July 1891, leaving one daughter, Agatha born 10th February 1888. He married, secondly, Minnie Dillon.



page 42

Sebastian Evans LL.D. (page 34) married Elizabeth Goldney 6th April 1858 (she was born 24th February 1853). He died 18th Dec? 1909 aged 79. She died in 1911.


Their children were:

1.     Sebastian born 20th January 1859

2.     Frank born 9th August 1862. In 1892 he took the name of his Uncle, Francis Bennett Goldney.

page 43

Jane de Brissac (page 29) married John Frederick Bernard, 18th July 1776 at Christ Church, Surrey.


Their children were:

1.      Jane Anne born 18th July 1777, married Joshua Owen Esq. She died 27th March 1808.

2.     James born 9th October 1778.

3.     Elizabeth born 23rd January 1780, married Charles Collambell (page 44)

4.     John Frederick born 19th May 1781, married Harriet Le Blond. Their children were 1. John, 2. Harriet, 3. Mary, 4. Jane, 5. Grace, 6. Frances, 7. Elizabeth, 8. Harriet, 9. Peter, 10. Eleanor, 11. Henry.

5.     Frances born 1782

6.     Frances born 1784, married  Davidson

7.     Harriet born 1786.

8.     Louisa born 1788.

9.     William born 1789.



page 44

Elizabeth Bernard (pge 43) married Charles Collombell


Their children were:

1.     Sibilla born 1805, married Hudson

2.     Elizabeth born 1806, married Mason (?)

3.     Sarah born 1808, married Bernard Lindsell

4.     Frances born 1809.

5.     Charles born 1814, married Henrietta McKey.

6.     Sarah Margaret born 1816.

7.     Sarah Ann born 1817, married Martin Songester.

8.     Donald, born 1820.

9.     Harriet born 1823.


page 45


Francis Robinson Phelps (p. 6) married Edith, youngest (4th) daughter of Richard and Caroline Hunter of Lincoln’s Inn and the Copse, Wimbledon (born 9th September 1859) on 8th May 1895. He was ordained Deacon, Priest and elected Bishop of Grahamstown on 24th August 1915, consecrated on 31st October 1915, enthroned on 1st November 1915. He was elected Archbishop of Capetown on 18th December 1930, enthroned in 1931. He died on 30th June 1938 and was buried in Iffley churchyard. Edith died on 20th October 1943 and was buried with her husband.


Their child was:

Mary Edith Caroline, born at Thorpe Rectory, Norwich, on 5th September 1898. She was baptised on St. Matthew’s Day 1898 and married on 22nd June 1926, at Grahamstown Cathedral, Colin Hamilton Baynes, second son of Bishop Hamilton Baynes.


Their children were:

1.     Timothy Francis de Brissac, born 15 March 1929 and died in March 2020. He married Monica Ruth, daughter of Reverend Norman and Eleanor Johnson on 21st October 1967. 1. Nicholas de Brissac born 23rd March 1970.

2.     Susan who died soon after birth.

3.     Jane Hamilton born 9th December 1933, married Geoffrey Dalton, R.N. 1. Alastair born 21st September 1964, 2. David born 13th March 1966, 3. Richard born 7th February 1970, 4. Antony born 28th November 1971.

4.     Simon Hamilton born 21st December 1934. He married Caroline. 1. Dan born 21st June 1967, 2. Colin born 25th April 1969.

page 46

Jacques de Brissac (or Brisae), of Nantes married Rachel ?  ......


Their son

James, from Nantes, (naturalized 1707) of St Martins Lane, Notary Public, married Marie Durand. His Will was dated 1735, and proved in 1736. Their children were:

1.     Amos James (died October 1758), married Judie, or Judith, Pigier, of Bromley, Kent. She was buried at Bromley. Her will was proved 10th April 1788. Their children were: 1. Peter Abraham (born 1731, died 1768) married Jeanne Nash (see page 29), 2. Jonas, who had a son Amos James, 3. Marie (born 1727), who lived with her Aunt Motet in Utrecht, 4. Judith, born 1729, died 1788, buried at Bromley, 5. Anne, married Dr. W. Child, of Bromley.

2.     Marie, married Peter Motet of Utrecht. Their children were 1. Anne, 2. Marguerite, who gave herself to bad ways.

page 47

Malet Peyton Phelps (page 12) married Dorothy Heath Smith on the 7th February 1907.


Their children were

1.     Phoebe Elizabeth, born at Edgbaston Hall on 28th December 1907, baptised 12th February 1908.

2.     James Abel Peyton born 7th June 1910 at Fermoy, Ireland.

page 48


Murray Newton Phelps (page 12) married Ethel May Kitson, daughter of John Hawthorn Kitson, of Elmet Hall, Leeds on the 12th February 1907 at St John’s Church, Roundhay, Leeds.


Their children were

1.     Cynthia Caroline, born 18th December 1907, baptised 9th February 1908.

2.     Margaret Daphne Hawthorn born 23rd June 1911.

3.     Evelyn Bridget born 26th September 1913.

4.     John Murray born 7th November 1916.

page 49

Lewis Evans (page 37) married firstly Beryl Mary Ward and secondly Eva Fanny Bradford born 16th June 1866 on 14th January 1890.


By the second marriage their children were

1.     Alice Dorothy, born 16th February 1892, married firstly Thomas Jenkins and secondly on 30th September 1913 at the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Rood, Watford, Major Edouard Gartmayer, Royal Bavarian Foot Artillery. He became a General and is now ‘von’ for bravery in the field. Their child was Barbara Stephanie born 2nd December 1920.

2.     Flora Jane born 29th May 1896, married Captain Arthur Amys Fausset-Baker. Punjabis kill him in the grass farms. 1. Jane Anne born 25th July 1924, 2. Hugo born 16th April 1926.

3.     Eva Mary (Molly) born 11th October 1897, married Basil Moody, Indian Army Reserve on 20th December 1919. He was the son of the late Reverend W.H. Moody, Rector of Bentley, Hants and Mrs Moody of Linslade, Bucks. 1. Marjorie Rachel born 1921, died in 1924, 2. John Basil born 1923, 3. Irene Julia born 30 October 1924.

4.     Anne Barbara, born 3rd January 1899, married Major Cecil Watkins.

5.     John Dickinson, born 27th May 1901, married Catherine Elizabeth Hildyard 1928 in Dawlish, Devon. 1. Catherine Anne born 1929, 2. Arthur Lewis born 1930. John Dickinson Evans married secondly Barbara Kingsford in 1947.

page 50

Joseph Bryan William Phelps (page 6) married Muriel Evans (page 15) at Buenos Ayres, 7th November 1908. He died on 14th December 1941.


Their children were

1.     Margaret Gwendolen (Peggy), born 30th January 1910, married Wilbraham Robinson in 1935.

2.     Michael William Bryan born 15th September 1913 at Diddington Hall, Meriden, married Barbara Boothroyd in 1940. 1. Susan Caroline born 27th January 1946, 2. Elizabeth de Brissac and Penelope Barbara on 25th September 1949.

page 51


Margaret Gwendolen and Wilbraham Robinson


Their children were:

1.     Annabel Sandford born 4th March 1942

2.     Virginia Jane Sandford born 6th September 1943

3.     Bryan Leyland Sandford 16th June 1949