The French Church, Threadneedle Street.

L’Eglise de Londres.  (Click onto pictures.)

thread1 Founded in 1550, this Calvinist church was situated at Threadneedle Street until the 19th Century. Not considering itself a Huguenot refugee church in origin (1) it held itself aloof from the other French congregations, both conformist and non-conformist, in the capital. During the 18/19th centuries it came to incorporate the remnants of these other congregations and its lineal descendant is currently in Soho Square, the only survivor of the many churches listed here. (2)

thread2 Its registers exist and make it clear that the Threadneedle Street congregation stood head and shoulders above all others by virtue of its size as well as its antiquity.



(1) cf. Schickler (A) pp.105-6

(2) for its 19th cent location and present building, see LCC XXXIII (1966) p.62-3



From 1706 to 1710 there were 1,103 baptisms and 6,303 in the congregation (Robin Gwynn)

(From Proceedings, Huguenot Society of London Vol.XXII. no 6) Old French Church; Walloon Church of London, Threadneedle Street.




     Map 1700's

thread5 The site on which L’Eglise de Londres once stood.

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