Lt. Gen. Arthur PHELPS

Born 24 October 1837, Madeira.
Died 4 October 1920, Woodbourne Grange, Edgbaston, Birmingham
Cremated at Perry Barr.

Tenth child and fourth son of Elizabeth DICKINSON and Joseph PHELPS. .

Married 19 Feb.1868, Caroline Ann PEYTON his second cousin (17 Jan 1833 - 9 June 1904)

They had four children
Malet Peyton PHELPS  (in Aden) 7 Jan 1869 - 11 Jan 1951 m. Dorothy Heath SMITH
Murray Newton PHELPS 5 Jan 1871 - 1949 m. Ethel May KITSON
Elizabeth (Elsie) Lora PHELPS 4 Sept 1872 - . m.Charles Holt CALDICOTT
George Ingram de Brissac PHELPS 2 July 1875 - . m.Evangeline Josephine FENTON

See Emma Evans' letters to Arthur.


Ode to General Phelps by Anthea Boylston (née PHELPS) December 1994

Penelope Forrest (née PHELPS) writes

Frances Ann Roper (née HUBBARD) writes

Legend has it (via his grand-daughters) that General Arthur Phelps had nine quirks, idiosyncrasies or 'isms:-

He was Vegetarian, Unitarian and in favour of Cremation.....He believed in Homeopathy and was Anti-Vaccination and Vivisection.
He also believed in Bi-metalism and always slept with his head towards the magnetic pole.
His socks were
Digitated (but he had to have a Batman to get his toes in !!)


Always slept with his head towards the magnetic pole
Wore digitated socks