Key to the Banner





Left to right

1)        John Waddington HUBBARD M.D.  1823-1871.  Medical Doctor in General Practice
 My great grandfather. Husband of Emma EVANS and son of Samuel HUBBARD.

2)        Emma EVANS 1823-1905.   Artist and sculptor.
 My great grandmother and wife of John Waddington HUBBARD.


3)        Arthur John HUBBARD M.D.  1856-1935. Doctor and writer          
 My paternal grandfather. Son of JWH and EE; husband of Charlotte Marian VIZARD.

4)        Charlotte Marian VIZARD  1859-1940      Hospital Matron
 My paternal Grandmother; wife of Arthur John Hubbard.


5)       The three children. Photo taken April 1905. Children of AJH and CMV.
Frances Ann HUBBARD MPS. 1899-1985.  Pharmacist. My Aunt Frances
John Waddington HUBBARD MA; BSc; FRGS 1896-1988.  Engineer and Clerk in Holy Orders. My Uncle Jack.
George Edward HUBBARD  1897-1977. FRIBA.   Architect and Clerk in Holy Orders. My father.


6)       Nicolas George HUBBARD b.1956, my brother a computer engineer, with the gravestones at All Saints, Blaby, of our 2x great grandfather, Samuel HUBBARD 1791-1832, Maltster, and his daughter Mary 1827-1830. Photo taken in 2012.


Judith Frances HUBBARD b.1949, Clerk in Holy Orders.