Old Hubbard Portraits

"The two portraits mentioned were well known to me, as they hung in my parents' bedroom all my life, till the death of my parents. They were real curiousities, being painted on sheet metal. They were crudely done, and not very beautitful, but extremely interesting."

catherine Nolan Probably Margaret Knowland, mother of Samuel


Probably Samuel hubbard Probably Samuel Hubbard (1791 -1830) son of John Hubbard "A soldier in India." and Margaret Knowland. (no dates)


hubbard notes Notes by Frances Ann Roper (née Hubbard)

The above portraits fit the description and are the right age.

It is my guess that my Uncle John Waddington Hubbard (1896 -1988 ) at some time gave these pictures to his cousin Moyra Neilson (née Hubbard 1920-2011.)

It was from Moyra's daughter Caroline that I received these black and white copies.  Judith Frances Hubbard August 2014