by Frances Ann Roper (née HUBBARD) 1899 -1985

Memories and family history tales. Written 1950.



Foreword Aunt Frances' foreword.  
1 Mother, Foley, Missionaries
2 Mother, Brothers
3 Life in West Ealing, Pevensey
4 Forest of Dean
5 Forest of Dean customs, May
6 Forest of Dean characters and cats
7 Forest of Dean stories and customs
8 de Brissac connection. Emma Evans, Sir Arthur Evans, Sir John Evans. Father's dreams
9 Market Bosworth stories. Johnny and Tommy Dickinson
10 Cats
11 School, Christian life
12 War. Refugees
13 Auntie Dick, Uncle Wynnard. Armistice Day
14 Madeira. Phelps. Aunt Janey's Orphanage
15 Aunt Janey's Orphanage - class distinctions.
16 Aunt Janey's Orphanage - staff.
17 Flu, Missionary preparation, Liberty


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