Pronunciation of Hubbard by Nicolas George HUBBARD

My surname is pronounced Hubbert, Hubbaaard, Hobart.. depends who I'm talking too, and where they come from.

The Hobarts (curiously, pronounced Hubbard)

I quote an extract from an article:

By Charles Roberts on Blickling Hall (Norfolk) birthplace and family home of Queen Anne Boleyn    It was built by the Hobart family, made baronets by James I in 1611. But for the visitor there is a possibility of puzzlement at repeated mentions of "the 2nd Earl", "the 8th Marquess" and so on. So let's clarify from the start. The Hobarts (curiously, pronounced Hubbard) were raised to the peerage as Earls of Buckingham in the early 1700s. But by the end of that century the male line died out and Blickling passed through the female line to the Marquesses of Lothian. It was the 11th Marquess who gave the hall and its estate of nearly 5000 acres to the National Trust at the end of the last war.

Interestingly, the Hobart crest at Blickling and the crest of Hobart in Tasmania and the the crest used by George Hubbard are all very similar.