John (JWPH) writes - I have a copy of  this book published in about 1950 (although the forward by Sir George Beresford Stooke {Governor of Sierra Leone} is dated 10th Jan 1948).  Laurie and Michael may well have a copy also. Laurie will recall that he and I helped to proof-read the book. It is quite a technical book but would be, I imagine, invaluable to anyone researching the history, language and customs of the part of Nigeria in question. It is noteworthy that JWH had no trace of a colonial  attitude towards the indigenous people of this region but had an enormous respect for them.

Laurie (LAH) writes - The Sobo of the Niger Delta.  When I was sent to Nigeria, I came across  2 College Teachers who spoke about Uncle Jack's book.  Had I a spare copy, it was so useful; and the other said that he had got his Ph.D off the back of the book!   I told father when I came home.  The irony of it all is that he submitted the book to Queens' C. and was told it was worthy of a Doctorate, but that since his degree was in Engineering and this was of a different subject, University regulations preveted them awarding one to him!!