The Rectory, Milton Malsor, Northampton


1959 – 66    Father was Rector of Milton Malsor, Northamptonshire.

From the Visitors' Book - Rosemary Chapman, a friend of mine from 76 Frankley Avenue, Quinton came to stay 3rd-8th August 1959 ' I hope you are all well.'
We would have moved possibly in the July after the school term; although my parents had never taken things like that into consideration before.

Grand-dad and Auntie Phyl stay in August. August 24 - 27 'A short but very enjoyable visit to Milton Rectory. We are glad to have had the opportunity of visiting this interesting part of the country - and note the development of Judith, Robert and Nicolas.  Grand-dad and Auntie Phyl.'

This was the longest stretch of time spent anywhere by the family. My education was already wrecked and Robert had emotional difficulties. It was important for all our sakes to stay put. Mother was able to get part-time and substitute positions as an infant teacher. The parish was easy – one church, one village. Father was 62 and to have yet another move would have been too exhausting.

mmmypic  A picture of the Rectory by me, circa 1964.

                mm                   Photos by father. Click on to enlarge.

FARpicmm  This was the first colour photograph of us all. Taken by Aunt Frances (Frances Ann Roper, father's sister) 9 April 1962. Father is holding faithful old Wilfred. I'm holding Bernard our new cat.

mmbyme  Pen and ink with watercolour of the yard at Milton Malsor Rectory by me. 30 August 1965

             Church of the Holy Cross, Milton Malsor

  A pencil sketch of the yard at the back of the Compass Pub. A footpath called the alley way made walking into the village from the Rectory very easy. The alley way ended in the pub back yard.

mmsch  Milton Malsor School where I attended, before going onto secondary school.

atroade   In my school uniform at Roade School. ? second year Autumn 1963.



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