The Dingle, Manor Lane, Quinton, Birmingham 32

1958 - 59    Father was Curate of Halesowen w Hasbury (in charge of St Peter, Lapel)

The Visitors' Book continues .....'Judith and Robert spent 12 days at Edmondsham and I accompanied them here to their new home on August 6th 1958 + stayed 2 nights. Glad to see the new house + surroundings and hope that you will all settle happily. Auntie Phyl'

I was now aged 9 - 10 and have plenty of memories of this place; however we were here less than a year.

dingle   dingle 1         These pictures taken 16 August 2012.

The houses in this area (at the time) were mostly a 1930's conurbation. Infilling has taken place since.

Lapal School is still much as I remember it! I would walk here and back by myself (meeting up with other children of course) - about a third of a mile. Crossing a busy road was scarey.

   I also went to Brownies, which I enjoyed for a few brief months. I was a (Sprightly) Sprite!  

The smog in those days could be dreadful (Birmingham was still highly industrial) and I remember walking to the school some days,  hardly able to see anything at all. I tried to remember small details of walls and garden hedges etc. to know where I was.


Next to the house was a small disused quarry called the Dingle (same as house) Now it is all filled in and part lake. It was a wonderful place to play in. Now it would be considered too dangerous!

      The Dingle now no more in 2012.

London Pride grew well in the garden, also fox gloves.