Kenton Vicarage, Stowmarket, Suffolk


1957 - 1958    Father was Vicar of Kenton w. Ashfield and Thorpe.
22nd-25th Nov.1957 “We visited Kenton Vicarage to attend the service of Institution and Induction of the Rev G.E.Hubbard to the United Benefice of Kenton with Ashfield cum Thorpe. We hope that the family will be very happy here and that God’s blessing may rest on the work done in his Name.” Grand-dad and Auntie Phyl.

I don't have any of father's photographic record for Kenton.

kenton1  Kenton Vicarage - now a private house.  kenton 2  in 2011

kenton3   kenton4  I remember this house well and enjoyed living here.

kenton 5  The garden was large and overgrown - ideal for children. There were a couple of large ponds referred to as lakes. They were murky with old prams and decades of household rubbish in them.


        All Saints Church, Kenton