76 Westwood Road, Leek, Staffordshire


1954   No entries in Visitors’ Book. 


leek1     leek2  From father's photograph album
leek3       The house (middle one, with single second storey window - mine.) April 2012.  
leek3        From the park, opposite; which I remember.
leek5        The back alley which led eventually to a shop selling hot oatcakes - bit like a pancake.         leek6
leek7      St Edward's Church where father was a curate. In those days curacies weren't necessarily training posts. Mature clergy would often serve as assistants. This was before 'teams' as such were thought of.
leek8     I remember this steep hill but no more of the actual town
It was during 1954 that we had a 'locum' holiday and went to stay at Twyford in Buckinghamshire. My parents often spoke of Twyford and I remember almost as much about Twyford as I do of Leek. Father took lots of photos of Twyford but nothing of Leek except the two above (top.)