WEST NORWOOD  South London

1947 -1949  Father is a curate of St Luke’s West Norwood, in charge of St Paul’s.
Grandfather - W.R.Buckett visits Jan 12-15th 1948 “A short but most enjoyable visit.”
JFH born 20 January 1949


southclapham hospital   Born here 20 January 1949, at South London Hospital for Women and Children, Clapham Common. Now Tesco's and flats.
myfirstpicture My first photograph!
53 stjuliansfarmroad1     53, St Julian’s Farm Road, West Norwood London          My parents moved here in 1947
stjuliansfarmroad    1947 -1949
 baptism group  Baptised by grandfather W R Buckett on 30th March 1949  St. Luke’s Church, West Norwood, London.       baptism3
stlukeswestnorwood     St. Luke’s Church, West Norwood, London, where father was curate.