Census details for Emma Hubbard (née EVANS)


1841 Census - not yet found

1851 Census for 79 Market Place, Market Bosworth          30 March 1851

Arthur Benoni Evans Head 70 years Curate of Cadeby, Headmaster of Free Grammer School.
Anne                ditto Wife 59 years  
Anne                ditto   Daughter 30 years (unmarried)
Emma             ditto ditto 22 years ditto
Ann Stewart Visitor 38 years  
William Phelps Pupil 15 years Madeira
Arthur Phelps ditto 13 years ditto
Alfred I Harris ditto 12 years Bombay, India
John Higginson ditto 12 years Birkenhead, Cheshire
Thomas Cope ditto 10 years Coventry
Samuel W Cope ditto 8 years ditto
Sarah Walton Servant 30 years Cook
Ann Walton ditto 22 years Under House Maid
Ann Thompson ditto 27 years House Maid
Mary Brookes ditto 30 years Boys Maid
Henry Howe ditto 28 years Footman
William Hands ditto 16 years (indecipherable)


1861 Census for 20 Barton Road, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire       7th April 1861

John Waddington Hubbard Head 37 years  Surgeon
Emma Hubbard Wife 32 years  
Arthur John Son 4 years  
George ditto 2 years  
Mary Daughter 5 months  
Ann Alice Blackwell Servant 27 years Cook
Jane Richards ditto 17 years Housemaid
Ann Ison ditto 19 Years Nurse
Thomas Collingham ditto 17 years Groom


1871 Census - staying at 118 {Gothier?} Cottages, Ventnor Isle of Wight. JWH was ill with a lung complaint, so the sea air off the Isle of Wight was seen as a possible cure. He then went to stay with his Phelps cousins on Madeira but died in Funchal, Madeira, June 15th 1871. The 1871 census for England was taken on the night of 2 April 1871

John Waddington Hubbard Head 47 years Surgeon
Emma Hubbard Wife 42 years  


1881 Census - Emma is staying as a visitor at The Rectory, Crawley, North Hampshire.    3 April 1881

Philip Jacob Head 77 years Rector of Crawley, Archdeacon and Canon at Winchester.
Edith Daughter 44 years  
Gertrude ditto 43 years  
Emma Hubbard Visitor 52 years  
(servants also listed)      


1891 Census - 1, Ladbrook (Ladbroke) Terrace, Kensington, London.     5th April 1891

Emma Hubbard Head 62 years Living on own means
George Hubbard Son 32 years Architectural Builder
Agatha Walker Grandaughter 3 years (born Walsingham, Norfolk) 
Mary E Cope Visitor 32 years Living on own means
Catherine Cooper Servant 48 years Cook Domestic
Agnes Windeatt ditto 44 years Housemaid
Annie Wyatt ditto 21 years Parlourmaid
Anne Bougham ditto 22 years Nurse


1901 Census - Bradenham Lodge, 7 Holmsdale Road, Kew, Surrey    31st March 1901                   Emma died four years later 2 June 1905

Emma Hubbard Head 72 years Living on own means
Catherine Cooper Servant 58 years Cook
Agnes Windeatt ditto 54 years Housemaid