Emma Hubbard (née EVANS) was prolific watercolour and sculpture artist. Many homes of friends and family gladly had her pictures on display. These are just a small fraction that have found their way to me. As they are all framed behind glass, they are difficult to both photo and retain the original colours; however these thumbnails give an idea of her talent.


         wcol1           Footpaths and cattleways across the North Downs. 1870's 

        wcol8             Stooks of corn (wheat) the old way. 1870's

        wcol9  This one signed Emma Hubbard and dated 10 April 1876  

        wcol11  This one signed Emma Hubbard and dated 22 April 1876                             

        wcol5  This looks unfinished and is not signed.

The five watercolours above are scenes of the North Downs, Surrey - now the leafy suburbs of London. These are by Emma as a mature artist.


           wcol2             wcol3      Two seashells - the first is a finished piece, the second unfinished.


           wcol4                   wcol10

Two domestic studies.
1) The wagon stands in rain, the hens and cockeral huddle underneath. One hen remains scratching in the earth as Emma started the painting before the rain - she has painted out other wandering hens. 
2) A scene from a doorway. Probably Hertfordshire, judging by the clues in the architecture.


          wcol6                  wcol7

These two woodland scenes are possibly Ashridge near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. It is a young Emma painting here - aged about eighteen.

Photos by NGH Feb 2013