Nick Hubbard and Anthony Prior's emails

I'm keeping copies of emails sent to me from my distant cousin, Anthony Prior connected via the Bernard line.

August 2003
Hello Nick

I was sent a link to your Hubbard Family website as it contained references to my ancestors - The de Brissac's

I'm still working my way through all the information you have made available - quite fascinating

I thought you might like to look at which contains some interesting information about the de Brissac family.

If you have a look at the De Brissac family tree in particular you will find many of your ancestors.

I hope you find this information interesting - let me know if I can help in any way. 

If you have any information on the Polchet family I would be most interested as well as the Dickinson side of the family (I married a descendant of Cpt Thomas Dickinson RN)

Kind Regards

Anthony Prior


I’d be more than happy to help your sister with any family information she requires - Please feel free to pass on my email address and phone numbers to them
Over the weekend I discovered some old family papers, letters, birth certificates, even my Gt. Grandmothers dowry etc.  There are lots of greetings cards from the Cosse de Brissacs to my great Aunt who corresponded with her in the 40’s and 50’s and I also found some letters from a de Brissac Dickinson descendant asking if our side of the family were related.
There were lots of handwritten contemporaneous notes referring to the de Brissac family – and I know that as a boy I was always told that our side of the family had the stronger claim to the title – in the 50’s my grandfather even tried resurrecting the title for use in England (apparently during the reign of Queen Victoria legislation was passed to permit foreign titles to be recognised) but in those days it would have cost over £10,000 so he decided to remain as he was.   Regrettably I never did find the notes he made to support his claim to the de Brissac lineage. When grandfather died (pre internet) he believed he and his son were the last of the de Brissac Bernard line but as I subsequently discovered he was not alone and there is a growing “de Brissac” travel industry meeting distant cousins all over the world.
Kind regards 

Hi Anthony 
I have had a quick look at your site
Your family tree is very interesting

On the image one can see detailed the marriage between JOHN WADDINGTON HUBBARD and Emma Evans, my Great Great Grandparents.
The connection to the "real" Duc de Brissac lineage fascinates me. 
The family details for Peter Abraham de Brissac (1731 - 1768) agree with the notes from Harriet Ann Dickinson:
In 1685, Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes because his growing interest in religion made tolerating protestants impossible. The Huguenots were compelled to choose between conversion to Catholicism, persecution, and flight from the country. About 200,000 chose the latter.
The Duc de Brissac were closely allied to Louis XIV: the king's half sister was married to Henri Albert de Cossé 4th duc de Brissac. The marriage was not a happy one, and Louis XIV was in dispute with the 4th duc when the duc died in 1698. Louis XIV supported the claim of Artus Timoléon to be the next duc, Comte de Cossé, 5th Duc de Brissac.
I wonder which duc Peter's grandfather was?
Was it:


Artus Timoléon Louis de Cossé, 5th Duc de Brissac (B1668 - D 1 JUL 1709)

(generation gap 31.5 years)

Peter's father, who fled France, was the elder brother of Charles Timoléon Louis de Cossé, 6th Duc de Brissac (B 1 FEB 1693 Paris - D 18 APR 1732 Paris)



The scan of  "Time and Chance" Charles Timoléon Louis de Cossé, (1693 - 1732)  6th Duc has been pencilled in.

(generation gap 19 years)



A descendant of Henri Albert de Cossé 4th duc de Brissac. (1645 -1698)

(generation gap 43 years)

From "The Dukes of Brissac, history of an illustrious French Family" Henri is a Black Sheep of the family [p140]

Henri married Gabrielle Louise de Saint Simon( d:1684) the half sister of Louis XIV. The union was childless.

Henri's second wife was Elisabeth. They married 1684 + 5 months , ref  The Dukes of Brissac, history of an illustrious French Family)

Daughter of François Michel de Verthamon, Marquis de Bréau.

Debts. Henri's property was seized in 1680.

"The Dukes of Brissac, history of an illustrious French Family" makes no reference to Louis XIV's intervention in passing the title to the fifth duke. Henri's cousin Artus Timoléon Louis de Cossé, 5th Duc de Brissac 1668 - 1 JUL 1709 Paris who "entered solemnly the castle in 8th Oct 1700." That's 2 years after Henri's death.



Jean-Paul Timoléon de Cossé, Conte de Brissac.(1698 - 1780) An engraving, dated 1595 is mentioned in VICTORIAN HANGOVER Chapter 8.

(generation gap 15 years)

All interesting stuff!